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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Its the End of the Mayan Calendar!

 I had my radio on . The talk of the News is that the nation of Syria launched some SCUD missiles into its own country.Yesterday North Korea launched some ballistic missiles into the Air. Threats everywhere. The events in Syria is potentially serious, maybe I haven't realized .Once I was browsing through a book about nuclear threats and Armageddon.In that book the author said that the closest the world was to World war lll, was when Israel bombed a nuclear reactor in Syria,because retaliation could have possibly involved Russia and the Chinese..but it didn't happen I guess because the Syrian's didn't retaliate. I'm sure he said Syria, not Iran, because if I recall the Israelis did bomb a nuclear reactor in Iran.They bombed one in Syria too?

Yesterday, I talked a guy would was managing a thrift shop.The shop was closing down  and he was selling some broken down musical stuff. Though I knew the shop was just moving down the street, but it seemed kinda ominous as the guy on his store did mention about the Mayan Calendar.

Its the End of the Mayan Calendar in 12 -21-2012. The Big day. The End of the Mayan Long count, what does it mean? To the Mayans it was a event, it represented a end of an epoch, it could mean something happens in Earth history to bring it about.

There have been many such predictions in History, but this is a big one. The Shop owner told me that N.A.S.A was showing a flyby of a asteroid that is supposedly passing close to Earth.

Anyway no one thinks about how the end might come...I hope there is no end for us, at least in a billion years,but who knows? Perhaps it could be World War.

Albert Einstein was once quoted, " I don't know how they will fight World War lll, but I know how they will fight World War lV,with sticks and stones."

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