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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Day late and a dollar short; of Valentines Day.

Below.. This is the chart of poster on a website of astrology who has given me permission to use these and her chart.

I like using Progressed Composites especially for relationship of two people. There easier to read than doing a Comparison of two charts, to try to determine whats going on in a relationship. Comparisons...that's really "Gods Work." Though sometimes I find myself looking at comparisons to look at the dynamics of what is going on in the charts of two people.

A Composite chart is when you take two or more chart of people, you compare A's Mars, to B's Mars, then using the two position you take the "midpoint" of the two positions and thats where your composite Mars is. You do this with as many points in the chart as you want , then you have a composite chart.

I like progressions alot, especially since I discovered you can map or graph progressions since they represent real time in an ephemeris ( table of planetary astrological positions). For me the best way to do a relationship chart at present is to progress the chart then do a composite of the two charts. Doing a progression for the moment in question is sort of like bring the chart to present time.

Below "K's" present marriage looks grim with the current progressed Venus conjunct Saturn. In Robert Hand's (famous astrologer) book "Planets in transits" he called that aspect "The beginning or end of a relationship". I wonder if that is true in this relationship? Is the a relationship thats "on the rocks?" But later in this chart, maybe things get more interesting, and though it is in present difficulty..maybe its worth staying together.

The Sabian symbol for the Ascendant of the Progressed Composite Above is "[b]An Unsealed letter has Vital and Confidential information"[/b], Could this be an indication of impending divorce papers...If its not divorce papers then, What is this "The unwritten letter?."

BelowThis is a progressed composite chart of "K" and her friend. She may be interested in a new relationship with this fellow. Things look darkest just before the dawn as they say. This new relationship might offer a promise. Is it a bit of a gamble though, maybe "K's" thinking "The grass is greener on the other side of the fence". Such gambles rarely pan out...though especially with a budding T-square like Jupiter opposite Neptune square Uranus in your Progressed Composite chart.Similar combination of Jupiter/Neptune/Uranus, sometimes have to do with Gambling or even alcoholism.

This is a notable case because human nature maybe be calling me a liar, a dreamer,right ;D! The divorce proceedings may are already underway, and all that will be left of your marriage might be a photo of you husband on the desktop as you reminisce through the past of your relationship. But it seems to me the relationship with your hubby might have more promise ,than running off with the "devil you don't know.

Or it could it be "K's: destiny to stay with her husband, maybe she has this "karma" of having to stay with things to there conclusion, finishing things you start might be difficult with that Mars Conjunct Uranus in your natal Chart. Mars in Cancer in the Natal chart of "K's" tends to be defensive, Mars conjunct Uranus tends to be incendiary..only because the native ( and I also have Mars in Cancer in the Tropical Zodiac) tends to be so emotional.

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