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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sabian Symbol of the week; The First Mockingbird Of Spring

The Sabian Symbol of the week and in my Opinion the Transit of the week, is formed Monday, April 19, 4:18 AM 2010. as the transiting (presently moving) Moon,(the public, moods and feelings) makes major connections to other planets in transit forming a T-Square (a T-square is a stressful configuration) at 29 Gemini, Sabian degree.

The Moon here is the crescent shaped symbol.

29' Gemini reads " The First Mockingbird Of Spring Sings from the Treetops (Lynda Hill).

Lynda Hill goes on to say that Mockingbirds are well known for there ability to mimic other bird calls, and therefore Mockingbirds are not really thought of as original,even somewhat irritating But that Mockingbirds uses the best of its library of bird calls to create a very unique and possibly the sweetest bird call of all. At this degree it is represented heralding spring.

The Negative expression of this Sabian degree is "Taking from others, and claiming the credit. Being noisy. Announcing new possibilities or just sounding off? Mimicking others, Not coming up with one's one creative ideas..... Stretching the truth." Lynda hill, 360 degrees of Wisdom.

Also the Sabian degree opposite this is in question, that is Sabian 29 Sagittarius; A Fat Boy Mowing The Lawn", but for now I'll focus on the Transiting Moon at 29 Gemini.

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