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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sabian Symbol of the week----"A false call unheard in attention to immediate service"

I decided to start up with the "Transit of the week " postings that I started some time ago.

For the week of 4/11/2010- 4-17-2010 I'm focusing on a astrological configuration taking place on April 14, 350 PM. The Transiting (Presently moving) "Moon" forms a Quincunx (150 degree aspect = strain) with Transiting "Saturn" (Planet of Hardship and limitation), and forms a Quincunx with Transiting "Neptune"( Planet of perception collective unconscious).

The Transiting "Moon" is separated from Transiting Neptune for 60 degrees, forming an aspect called a "Sextile" (opportunity). Though this Sextile is bi-sected by transiting "Uranus" (Collective consciousness, innovation, disruption). Indeed as T/Saturn and T/Uranus are 180 degrees apart forming an aspect called an "Opposition" (Awareness).

In total what this looks like in an astrological chart is a small triangular shaped configuration called a "Yod" otherwise known as " A finger of god". This is an unusual yod cause its bisected by Uranus. So T/Saturn or T/Uranus indications these days may take on some importance.

Well whats a yod/finger of God..? (Its pointing at Saturn which sort of looks like an "S" in this chart)

"It is believed that this Aspect has karmic lessons to teach us. The Yod, also referred to as the 'Finger of God.' In this little-known configuration, considered the most fated in Astrology, two planets which are sextiling (a sixty-degree Aspect) each other are in communion with a third planet which rests opposite the midpoint of the sextile.

These three planets would then form the letter 'Y' in the heavens (draw it for yourself and you'll see). The third planet, effectively at the bottom of the 'Y' figure, is the trigger point of the Yod. This very fated configuration adds great emphasis to the quincunx and speaks to significant lessons and issues to be overcome. Further, whenever a planet is transiting through the midpoint of the sextile segment of the Yod, the entire configuration is essentially on red alert. The burden is upon us to listen closely at this time, and to learn.

*(Yod) Now, when you have two of these lovely quincunxes joined together by a sextile to create a yod, you have a fateful situation. What is fate? That which cannot be controlled or altered. Why cannot a thing be controlled or altered? Because it is either subconscious, or beyond one's control -- thus the enigmatic moniker of the "Finger of God".

A yod will typically work out in a natal chart as some form of chronic (unfinishable) situation, such as illness, neuroses, habit formations one cannot change, etc. But, since it is always happening (like a memory resident program on a computer), it is continually exuding the energy characterized by its planets, and their signs, and the houses in which they're posited... and in most cases this corresponds to some manner of creativity, because the energy must find an outlet for continual release.
From "Tribe.Net

Normally one might look at where the finger is pointing, like a cosmic game of "Life" as to where one has to move, or what is fated. In this case It is where Saturn is. Saturn ( consensus reality, limitations) is the focus of this transiting Yod. It could also be T/Uranus since it is at the opposite end of T/saturn. Its Sabian Symbol ,"Light Breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism"

The Sabian Symbol of this T/Saturn according to Lynda Hill's book on Sabian symbols in Astrology "360 of Wisdom" is "Having an urgent task to complete, a Man doesn't look to any distraction.".

She goes on to say

"Having an urgent task to complete, a man doesn't look to any distraction" shows the need for an undisturbed focus in application and not allowing "Distraction" to interfere. The person pictured here has got something that needs to be done and completed, and doesn't let anything "Distract" him from it". Lynda Hill , 360 Degrees of Wisdom.

The caution here is getting distracted from the task at hand.

This is the Cosmic message of the week....April 14,2010. Wednesday 3:49 PM.


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