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Monday, February 15, 2010

A New Fixed Star Natal Report!

Perhaps you know offer a Fixed Star Natal report from Zyntara Publishing and Bernadette Brady, who's done some pioneering work in this field, using "Parans"...Parans suggest that a fixed star in a constellation may be in a relationship with a Planet or point in your horoscope...therefore making the relationship important.

Through the help of Cosmic Patterns Inc. the makers of the astrological "Sirius" software. I can offer a new Fixed Star Natal Report!

What I mean by "Fixed Stars", are individual stars/nebulae in a constellation of the Zodiac, for example, say you are a Sun in Leo. We are all mostly familiar with the Sun sign personality of Leo. But the Constellation of Leo is make up of individual stars, , these stars maybe powerful or not, but they contribute meanings of their own, in some cases.

In this picture you can see the individual stars in the Constellation of Leo. Perhaps some point in your horoscope is conjunct (together with) on of the Stars in this constellation.

If you are a Sun in Leo personality which star in Leo is your Sun "conjunct" with? Perhaps your Sun is conjunct "Denebola" a star in the "Tail of the lion", perhaps its conjunct "Regalus" a star in the "Heart of the Lion" said to be ruled by Archangel "Raphael". Perhaps its conjunct Fixed Star ,"Zosma" a star in the "Back of the Lion"..each star as different meanings. With these reports you can find out which fixed stars are yours.

This new Report written by Tara Cochrane for "Cosmic Patterns", is based on the conjunctions of 340 fixed stars to Natal planets or points. Its based on whatever 340"Fixed Star" is closest to your Natal Sun,Moon or Ascendant (Rising Sign) or any other point or planet in your horoscope.

While it might be questionable to associate fixed Star to points in a Chart just based on the longitude of the Fixed Star, with this report you get lots of astrological information on the folklore of the Stars and its meaning in your birth chart enriching the meaning and placements in your Chart. These reports are 35 to 50 pages long!

I'm offering this report for the low price of $30.00 for the printed version and possibly $20.00 for an email (electronic) version. If your interested in one of these reports just leave me a note in comments, or Email me if you can. Get both reports the Cosmic patterns report or the Starlight report for $14.00 Email or $17.50 for the printed version.

Here is an short sample of the Cosmic Patterns report.

The Fixed Stars Report
by Tara Cochrane


Joseph Biden

November 20, 1942
8:30 AM
Scranton, Pennsylvania

Calculated for:
War Time, Time Zone 5 hours West
Latitude: 41 N 24 32
Longitude: 75 W 39 46


Report and Text Copyright 2009 Cosmic Patterns Software, Inc.
The contents of this report are protected by Copyright law.
By purchasing this report you agree to comply with this Copyright.

This report interprets conjunctions of nearly every fixed star that has been given an astrological name to the planets, Asc, MC, 7th house cusp, and 4th cusp. Each interpretation given in this report is based on extensive research on the historical astrological meanings and myths associated with the fixed stars.

A list of notable people who have the same conjunction aspect as you do is also given.

This comprehensive analysis of the influence of the fixed stars combined with a list of notable people who also have this aspect provides you with extensive information, and hopefully astrologers who use this report can use this information to develop an even more refined and clearer understanding of the meaning of every fixed stars.

Interpretations of the Fixed Stars

Moon conjunct Angetenar, Orb: 0 deg 51 min

An eventful and tumultuous life is indicated. Many chaotic events bringing significant changes are possible. The individual may actively pursue knowledge and experience. Travel, adventure and exploration may be important themes throughout life. An intense, ambitious, confident, courageous and dynamic nature may manifest. A position of worldly power, authority or public visibility may be attained.

Angetenar is Tau2 Eridani in the constellation of Eridanus, the River. The name Angetenar is derived from the Arabic Al Hinayat al Nahr, or "the Bend in the River".

The constellation of Eridanus is most commonly associated with the Greek tale of Phaeton, the son of a mortal woman and the Sun god Helios. Helios had sworn to grant his son one wish. Phaeton foolishly asked to drive Helios' Solar Chariot across the sky for one day. The god knew this was a bad idea, but he was bound by his promise, so he begrudgingly let Phaeton take the reins. Phaeton soon realized he could not control the celestial horses that drew the Chariot of the Sun. They ran wild, first galloping too close to the Earth and causing it to burn, then veering too far away, causing it to freeze. Phaeton's wild ride was finally ceased when Zeus shot him down with a thunderbolt and restored Helios to his proper place at the reins of the Chariot. The constellation of Eridanus is a long zig-zagging line of stars, and it is said to represent the haphazard path along which Phaeton careened in the Solar Chariot.

In a slightly different interpretation of the tale, Eridanus represents the river in the Underworld into which Phaeton fell after being struck down by Zeus. Classical Greek writings suggest that this mythological river of the Underworld was also a real river on Earth. Writers like Hesiod and Herdotus asserted that Eridanos was a river in Northern Europe rich in amber. Scholars have since speculated about which river these writers were actually referring to, but no conclusions have been reached. The name Eridanos has also recently been adopted by geologists to describe a river that flowed from Lapland to the North Sea between 40 million and 700 thousand years ago.

Another mythical figure associated with this constellation is Aquarius, the Water Bearer. The river Eridanus is sometimes identified as the water which flows from the Water Bearer's vessel. In Aquarius' role as catalyst of the Great Flood which drowned the Earth according to Ancient Near Eastern legend, Eridanus would in fact be the Great Flood itself. This event is an elemental cataclysm not unlike Phaeton's disastrous ride through the heavens.

Of the nature of this constellation, Robson writes "According to Ptolemy, all the stars with the exception of Achernar are like Saturn. Eridanus gives a love of knowledge and science, much travel and many changes, a position of authority, but danger of accidents".

Alfonso XII of Spain Orb = 0°28'
Bausch, Pina Orb = 0°55'
d'Agoult, Countess Marie Orb = 0°48'
Dillon, Matt Orb = 0°46'
Falwell, Jerry Orb = 0°30'
Fischer, Bobby Orb = 0°15'
Fox, Michael J. Orb = 0°38'
Henri IV of France Orb = 0°58'
Maher, Bill Orb = 0°25'
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel Orb = 0°49'
Starr, Kenneth Orb = 0°37'
Stern, Howard Orb = 0°11'
Withers, Jane Orb = 0°03'
Wood, Natalie Orb = 0°49'

Moon conjunct Mira, Orb: 0 deg 16 min

Versatility, adaptability, inquisitiveness and originality are indicated. The individual may possess phenomenal and prodigious genius. A distinctive, idiosyncratic personality is likely. Organization, mental focus and memory are areas of strength. There may also be an innate understanding of human nature.

Mira is Omicron Ceti in the constellation of Cetus, the Whale. This star was known to the Romans as Stella Mira, or "the Wonderful Star". The word Mira is derived from the Latin root mir, meaning "wonder" or "amazement". It is from this root that the English words miracle, mirror and admire are formed. Ebertin states that Mira "was given this name because of its changing lights, which go from 2 to 10 in variation of light in 332 days".

Of the influence of this star Ebertin states, "It is of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. Connected well and with a well-placed Saturn. . .this will mean prudence, perseverance, versatility, a progressive spirit and endurance in solving difficult problems."

The constellation of Cetus, the Whale (or Sea Monster), is most commonly identified as the creature sent by Poseidon to devour the princess Andromeda as punishment for her mother's hubris. Earlier Greek legends correlated this constellation to the Gateposts of the Underworld. The Mesopotamians identified it with Tiamat, the serpentine sea goddess of primordial chaos. A similar figure to Cetus/Tiamat is Leviathan, a Biblical sea monster who is referred to as both a monstrous fish and a whale. Chinese mythology provides the character of Yu-kiang, the monstrous lord of the depths, who is described as a human-handed whale. These ancient sea beasts may be personifications of the terrifying destructive powers of the ocean, and perhaps the human fear of the unknown. Their presence reminds of larger and older powers than humanity. Memory, initiation, death and rebirth are themes that may correlate to Cetus in it's association with the Gateposts of the Underworld as well as it's position near the tail end of Pisces in the sidereal zodiac.

Of the nature of the constellation Cetus Robson states, "According to Ptolemy this constellation is like Saturn. It is said to cause laziness and idleness, but to confer an emotional and charitable nature, with ability to command

Get your own full report for 30.00 printed or 20.00 for the email (electronic) version.

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