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Monday, October 26, 2009

When Johhny comes marching home again...

You know what Albert Einstein, said about WWIII. " I don't know how WWIII is going to be fought, but I can tell you how WW4 is going to be fought...with sticks and stones". Besides other countries might interfere with the U.S long before it gets to the point of ICBMs flying.

I don't pay much attention to that 2012 prophesies of doom. I'm sure were get through that. I think the danger is much more simpler.

Astrological Pluto

1# Astrological Pluto's return to its Natal position in the Chart of the U.S.
2# Astrological Pluto in Aquarius.

Astrological Pluto, has to do with changes that effect generations, this is because this planet moves so slowly, Astronomical Pluto takes about 243 years to orbit the Sun. So by the time astronomical Pluto reaches Late Capricorn or Aquarius the United states will be at least 243 years old, Can any Human structure survive that long?

Astronomical Pluto has to do with "reforms, " changing things usually after the structure is destroyed or in need of repair. Changes under Pluto can be totally and drastic.Pluto has to do with "The Underworld",thus corruption and decay, transformation.

Its not a Prophesy of doom, just looks like we'll be revisiting some of the primal energies that created this Country. This Country was born in revolution,and when Pluto gets in Aquarius we might be moved in that direction again. Its not the same revolution but one nevertheless, a higher spiral up the ladder.

Just look now at what is happening now!

I've never been much of a believer in the power of Pluto. Astrologers where talking about Pluto entrance into Capricorn, I didn't think it was a big deal until that sub-prime mortgage scandal. That scandal was more than that, it showed a fundamental flaw and corruption in the banking/economic system in the U.S. Right now some economist have estimated that we've bailed out banks to the tune of 17 trillion dollars. They've got to print up that money. Money that going to be taken out of your children, and there children's children pocket.

Plus that fact that even without that sub-prime scandal, economists were predicting trouble with the economy back as President Bill Clinton was entering office. Back then the National debt was officially 4 trillion dollars. Then, they were talking about the national debt and interest on it would take up 33 percent of the U.S budget by 2033, creating the need for Draconian cuts in social services and such..

That was before George W.Bush, his tax cuts and war in Iraq and his Mis/malfeasance about the economic realities of this Country. Officially the National debt might be more than 11 trillion dollars. If you add all that, I think that cuts down the amount of time we have radically.

As the price of all that spending/irresponsibility comes due we can already see some of the changes happening in our lives because of it, you can already see U.S society fraying a bit around the edges. You can easily predict that by the time Pluto returns to its Natal position in the U.S Chart, either in late Capricorn or early Aquarius, By 2022-24, social and political upheaval is going to be at its maximum in the U.S.

Until that time maybe we/you have a bit of opportunity ,the opportunity to correct some of these errors,so that " When Johny comes marching home again" ( Pluto in Aquarius)..at least he'll have a pot to piss in. Or at least he'll have electricity. Something that your Children will have in the future.

Its true that you could say the whole world is going to be affected as Pluto enters Aquarius, not just the U.S . This seems true now as economic realities seem tough all around the world, but the U.S might have a special time of reckoning as Pluto returns home, and hey ..as Johnny comes marching home again, remember that we have a history of not treating veteran too good in this Country.

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