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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dinner with Shatner/Buffet

I had this weird dream this morning. I dreamt I had dinner with Warren Buffet, and Willam Shatner (Star Trek). Only Shatner resembled more of his current persona rather than the one of the original Star Trek series.. And He and Buffet were these stonier-like, fellas. They doped their dinner with marijuana and a mind altering substance, and invited me to have some. I took some of it..and started seeing geometric circles with my eyes closed in the dream and not feeling diminished, then I wanted alittle more. later I tried to take his picture (Shatner), so I could "Blog" our rendezvous"..but the camera didn't work properly...later my sister picked me up.

My rendezvous with Buffet ( earlier in the dream) was a wash.....I really would have like to meet "Captain Kirk" though he doesn't really exist,to do that you'd have to talk to the actor, William Shatner". I mean what would you ask J.K ? What would you ask Buffet? Is the Economy of the U.S really toasted?

Star Trek is more of a State of mind, screw Hollywood. maybe you don't need fantastic technology, societies to begin living in the 25th century.

Astrologically.Although Buffet and Shatner might not be related...they both have interesting planets in Cancer. Buffet being more of the rocket scientist.

Astrologically they are somewhat similar being born a year apart! Both have the Mars/Saturn Opposition Mars in Cancer, Saturn in Capricorn.

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