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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Horoscope of the U.S.A

The Hard part other than constructing a chart, is determining the "Birth" of an event , person place or thing, but this is a critical issue in Astrology, when constructing a "chart" about something.

That's the issue in constructing a chart about the Birth of the United States. What time do you use? One of the Times I've been using is July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its a common point of reference, its the day the U.S celebrates its birth. But maybe its not really accurate, as establishing the "birth of the U.S".

Anytime during 1776, is probably not good time, because the Revolutionary War, and who won it decided who was going to be running the 13 colonies, whether it was going to be self-directed, or ran by the British. by 1776, the War was beginning, wasn't going to been won by the Americans until after 1781!

The Winning of the American Revolutionary War was also decided by the help of Countries like France and Spain who fought the British, but the first standard "operating orders" were ratified by the fledgling U.S.A in Nov 15, 1777.
These "operating Orders" called the "Articles of Confederation" where then sent out for the individual States to vote on and to ratify.

Then on March 1, 1781,12 noon in Philadelphia ,PA, the final colony, Maryland, officially ratified the articles, completing the cycle. The "Article of Confederation" became the law of the land" The Colonies now organized under a central unit or idea , now became the United States. Later the Articles of Confederation became the basis for forming the U.S Constitution. Check out this passage pointed out to me by a user on Astrodienst.

"The formal signing of the Articles by the Maryland delegates took place in Philadelphia at noon time on March 1, 1781 and was celebrated in the afternoon. With these events, the Articles entered into force and the United States came into being as a united, sovereign and national state." Wikipedia

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