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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dr.Kary Mullis.....

Kary Mullis is one of the Nobel Prize chemist in 1993. He won it mostly for his Polymerase Chain Reaction, which revolutionized Molecular biology, and Forensics. Mullis is somewhat maverick, a gadfly . He is also known for his contrary opinions on the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, even to this day. He says the same thing he said in 1994about HIV/AIDS. There is no scientific evidence that proves H.I.V causes A.I.D.S.

Mullis though accepts astrology, even in his website , he thinks its interesting, mine you, Mullis has got Has this Mercury in Sagittarius ( Supposedly Mercury is the Planet of Communication, and of the Five Senses, if your a scientist , you better have a good Mercury! Mercury is said not to work well in Sagittarius, the mind given a Superstitious bent. You'd suspect alot of athletic type would have a Mercury in Sagittarius, and Mullis is a bit of a jock!) kinda thing ...but hes a Nobel prize winning scientist (chemist). In his Book "Walking Naked in a Mindfield" he Published his chart.

Mullis gave this (published) interview with David J. Brown, ( It must be somewhat recent), where he sort of rephrases his controversial statement.

"Kary: Everybody asks, what about cancer? Cancer is not at all like an
infectious disease, in the sense that every cancer cell is not like every other
cancer cell, even in the same tumor. Cancer is a tough one. First Iʼm going
to deal with diseases that we know the exact nature of, where an organism
is responsible for it, and the absence of that organism will cure it. Thatʼs
most infectious diseases.

AIDS doesnʼt fall into that category. Nor does it affect many people despite
the press that it gets. Plus, the AIDS scientists say you can cure HIV if you
want to, but you still donʼt cure AIDS, because the disease has already done
something to you. In terms of an infectious disease itʼs kind of an oddball
thing. I donʼt think most of the research is reliable and I am not willing to
spend a lot of effort on it. Iʼm one of the few outspoken people who say that
thereʼs no good scientific evidence that the diseases that are called AIDS
are really caused by the retrovirus called HIV--in spite of its name. Iʼve had a
lot of trouble from people over that issue, because many are convinced that
it does. But my assessment is that it is an unsupported and unsubstantiated

But Mr. Mullis consorts with Psychics,Surfers and Astrologers, but he runs his own Molecular chemical reasearch Company based on his winning a Nobel Prize in chemistry. Good Luck Dr. Mullis! Write down those dreams!

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