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Sunday, May 10, 2009

19 Degrees Scorpio!

“I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” A famous quote by Physisist Robert J. Oppennheimer. He said that after he denotated the first American Atomic Bomb.

My Progressed Sun hit the dreaded "Sabian 19th degree...along with Venus contacting fixed Star "UNK"......What will happen to me now?

Sabian Symbol (Sun):

Original from M. E. Jones: A parrot listening and then talking. Keyword:  Conventionality

Rudhyar version: A Parrot Repeats The Conversation He Has Overheard

Charubel (Sun):

Symbol: A serpent with many heads, all in a circle, with fangs protruding.

Denotes one who may become a pest and a terror to society; unless overruled by benefics, will prove a curse to his relations and acquaintances. This is the cursed degree of the so-called cursed sign; yet, even this may have its purpose.

La Volasfera (Sun):

Symbol: A stiletto and tavola.

It is the index of a mind that is given to disputes and assaults, eager in contention and yet cautious in self-defense. Such an one will prove a formidable and untiring adversary, yet at the same time a convivial companion. With a somewhat abnormal taste for the good things of life, a good trencherman, and a man of sharp wit, he will make friends easily; but his enemies will be equally numerous. Headstrong and quick-tempered, he will yet bear himself bravely and honorably in strife, and his enemies will have much respect for him, while his friends will hold him up as a champion. It is a degree of AVIDITY.

Matthews (Sun):

Symbol: "AVIDITY"

An inventive mind, an untiring worker. A convivial friend or a formidable adversary.

Carelli (Sun):

Symbol: Cerberus.

(Cerberus is a dragon with three doglike heads. The Greeks called it "Taenarius snake" and placed it in hell as its doorkeeper. Dante places it in the infernal circle of the gluttons and tells how Virgil managed to pacify it by throwing it a handful of mud to eat.-Inf. 6, 13-33. Traditional comments to Dante's poem rate Cerberus a dog. Where is this written? Dante's monster has but a dog's barking. Dante ought to be read more attentively before coming to sweeping conclusions. Her terms Cerberus a "cruel and multifarious beast.")

As watchful and wary as anybody, the native is far from being a daredevil and seldom has real courage but looks as if he were always angry at everything and everybody, or nearly so, and his threats frighten numberless people. A fighter with words, he will display a bugbear's grim-faced bluster but seldom attack, and never in front; if assailed, he will fight back with unequalled doggedness, and his bites will leave their mark.

Faithful in friendship and enmity, very exacting, quick-tempered but stubborn, inexhaustible on the battlefield, inexorable in victory, his Achilles' heel lies in his unappeasable greed for material pleasure, sexual and convivial. He is, on the other hand, an excellent trencherman and could do justice to a gargantuan meal. At table he is nearly affable.

Where other aspects of the nativity indicate a spiteful and treacherous character, this filthy reptile will be a curse and a scourge for his fellow beings, as his is a heart of stone. Why do all-too-human beings acknowledge subconsciously this slimy being as their own master, even while hating him with all their soul? Is the reason to be traced in the destiny of all sensible things-and of them alone-to fall sooner or later into the dark god's power, or in the power of his earthly representatives, as mud belongs to mud?

Anyhow, Cerberus will destroy whatever he lays hands-or better, paws- upon, and cannot build anything. But he knows a thing or two; he has an assimilating, wary, manifold, prompt mind, and a gift for languages, but is never either consequent or original.

Kozminsky (Sun):

Symbol: A woman, flashily dressed and adorned with rings, bracelets, and numerous glittering jewels, looking with longing eyes in a jeweler's window.

Denotes one who is allured by the glitter of earth as a moth is by the lamp glare. He finds it hard to satisfy the yearning desire to possess and still possess, like one of abnormal hunger who is never satisfied. Let him take care lest this craze grasp him body and soul, and grasping him makes him the slave-victim of his passions. It is a symbol of Retrograding.

Muir (Sun):

Self-centered and subtle, scheming and designing, yet attracted to the superficial in others.

Leinbach (Sun):

This degree lacks courage but incorporates more violent passion than the previous degree. There is also considerable jealousy and mistrust shown here. It lacks vitality and a push to get things done. The native has a strict and severe sense of justice directed toward others in what assesses to be unsocial behavior, or personal injustices inflicted upon him.

Weber (Sun):

Traditionally considered one of the worst, most despised, troublesome, destructive degrees, but this is not necessarily true. A "wrecking crew", often destroying those things and people which have eclipsed their usefulness. Partially Aries, but more Sagittarian, often unwittingly sponsoring Scorpio carnage - or should we call it regeneration? A devil's advocate. Perceptive, opportunistic, easily irritated, persuasive and enduring, has good chances of success (North Scale of Libra here), and evil reputation is unwarranted; must avoid being own worst enemy.

Henson (Sun):

"A ballet dancer": often a tall person ( or afflicted; a dwarf); an inventive mind; an untiring worker; a convivial friend or a formidable adversary; hair; appendix; uterine ligaments; Hallers Netz.

Cochrane (Sun):

Quick, adaptable, restless mind. Industrious and self-reliant. Enjoys discussions and debates about politics or economics. (SCO-1-GEM, ARI-6-SCO)

The Disgruntled Astrologer is on Hiatus..........


Anonymous said...

Dear Disgruntled

I am an 18.51 degree Scorpio Rising, making me a 19 degree Sabian Scorpio with a 12th house north node in Scorpio that is conjunct Jupiter & Neptune.

And all cadent house planets with Sun in Aquarius in the 3rd, opposite uranus.

And a PLUTO on the Midheaven in an INTERCEPTED 10th house, inconjunct signs of a 28 leo midheaven but a 1 degree pluto.... so...

I was trained my entire life, by life, to be a gatekeeper and exorcist of mother earth. 55 bloody years of carrying the cross up the mountain to be trained, a life that required the worse karma to be paid off, so i could touch the real mysteries on this planet that no one gets without that suffering.

Once i committed to paying off my karma off and structuring death, chaos and rebirth, especially with uranus opposite my sun, i knew it was for a damn good reason one should endure such mysteries IN and OUT of this reality, i didn't understand being a black shaman gatekeeper and sage would require so much death, chaos and rebirth for so many many years... but it did.

So being to honor the deaths and rebirths and begin to structure them, otherwise you will not get the prize in the end, you will have suffered for nothing.


Unknown said...

19.21 rising in scorpio with pluto in scorpio.. Definitely a difficult position to be in.. Life is experienced through struggle.it's almost as if the lion had tasted blood.. Scorpio rising cannot live without some challenges in their lives.. If everything is going all good they'll just dive into another one. . 19 degree is marked by Zuben el Schimale the scale that is right