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Friday, April 10, 2009

Why Disgruntled?

Maybe this is a question some people who've read this blog have asked.

Maybe I should answer this. In my life I have some doubts about astrology. I grew up learning astrology it was a hobby. I wanted to learn more about myself. As I got older, I thought I understood myself pretty well..through astrology. That is I've read all the Astrology cookbooks, I learned to calculate my chart by hand,I read horoscopes for other people but I discovered other methods, like "Dream Working".

I thought that Dreams are the "Royal Road To The Unconscious" as Freud was reported to say. So I began working with dreams alittle, even using a blog as a Dream Diary for all to see. Though I still dabbled alittle in astrology.

I found this great website on Astrology, ("Astrodienst=Astro.com). When Astrodiesnt opened up their operation a bit to all the users who logged in by starting a forum, it gave me a chance to talk with all the many users of that site. I been using that site since they opened up that talk forum.

Before that there was this Astrology site on AOL, that I really loved, that now is no more. I got disillusioned with it, and AOL, and just went out into the web. I think I must have been the first user with the name of "Betelgeuse",(Armpit of the Giant) on the Web. I also began to get disillusioned about some of the users on Astrodienst and, the Purpose of Astrology as I know it?

Some people want to use astrology as a way to rub there Ego's. Some people don't really want answers, but use Astrology. Some people use Astrology to hide from themselves. Some are just lonely, but besides being a bit lonely Astrology is something That I understand well. The worse part is using Astrology just to live in one's head, maybe I do this and project onto others....But its really annoying. Analysing Astrology should not take the place of participating to create some kind of creative change in the world or in your life, in my opinion.

Hopefully Astrology has a use. What does Astrology have to do with The Price of Tea and Things" as one guy asked me. It's helpful for people trying to learn about themselves, maybe its not a cure-all but its a good first step.

I don't have a PH.D in Molecular Biology, I'm not in prison, I'm not a Wizard,active in my dream life who have deciphered my dream language, I'm not a millionaire
..but I know alittle astrology. I guess that's why I returned to Astrology, its something I can do well, and at 46 years of age.

One reason I call this "The Disgruntled Astrologer", is I sort of regret, what might be perceived as a turning away from things of science. Things I learned of value.

Like I spent time learning through trying to understand The HIV/AIDS Hypothesis, when a relative of mine died of it. Through Peter Duesberg's Book "inventing the AIDS Virus", I learned to question alittle about the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis, when "Pushers" of that theory, refused to debate openly about it.."We don't do Duesberg!" say said. It just seems scientist were basing there theories on HIV/AIDS on superstitious "Mumbo Jumbo"....Un-scientific principles, without scientific debate. And basing there cures on something that reminded me of Astrology. In Astrology, correlation mostly equals Causation.

So I learned that good Science should be based on proven ,demonstrable principles. Not Superstition. This is what I learned about people, through being a African-American. I prefer being treated as a person, not by some concept of what another person thinks I should be. Much less a Astrological one. Yet,astrology is rife with superstitious concepts, unscientific principles. Its something I know, but its not necessarily what Medicine and science ought to be about .

I regret that people can point at me and point to Duesberg and say, "This is who believes in Duesberg's theories...Astrologers!." Well hey ,Kary Mullis, Nobel prize winner in Chemistry, supported Duesbergs ideas, and knows his( Mullis) Natal Chart. Is that a Good thing?

The Good thing about this Blog and the reason I didn't shut it down right away, is that if interested people read my blog, there are links to sites that offer contrary views to the established orthodox theories on HIV/AIDS. Hence Duesberg may get a few more readers because of the traffic I'm generating here.

Has an African-American male I hate running into the type of bigotry and prejudice that based on my skin color, and since Astrology is not an "exact' science I fear I might be supporting the type of Unscientific thinking that gives rise to superstition, psychological projection.....So I'm Disgruntled.

The main idea idea of this blog is an investigation into some Astrological ideas. Astrology might be a "Pseudo-Science" but it seems to work, and I wanted to offer some basic charts,relocation maps with interpretation ,Astrological calendars for sale for persons interested in knowing more about their charts.

Also I was looking at something else i could possibly do Job wise, inspired by Astrodienst. Astrodienst a astrological research team, that makes its money selling information and "Liz Greene" Astrological reports. Gawd, those Starlight Natal Fixed Star reports are just about as good as any natal Report out there , in fact its a bit unique.

I think maybe I've failed a bit in my vision to contribute something to the world, in terms that I can agree with. I always wanted to get into medicine, to do something like what a Peter Duesberg has done , or is doing would be like a dream to me, maybe by giving up that vision, I have failed myself. Perhaps the key point for me is to be successful in whatever I do, perhaps I cannot even do that.

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