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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Can Astrology tell if your good at sex?

In My humble opinion, Sex is not the "end all" to living. It might be a cherry on top of the cake, but its not everything .
True, maybe we don't get enough of it...but for sometimes life is about finding other pleasures in life.

I suppose if God or enough of the opposite sex told you , "that you could not have sex for a long time..say like 10 -20 years because maybe your perceived as physically,emotionally inadequate, or just plain ugly...lots of people would soon enough throw themselves off a cliff. But what about the ones who don't, surely life has something else to offer?

You know there such thing as "Micro-Phallus" unfortunate people with really small dicks, with Micro-phallus it can be 3 inches or less, imagine being born with that? The Chinese say people with small dicks will someday become king. US "Pencil dicks" just tend to be "lucky". People with large dongs will always be in discomfort, that's what I read in the Tao of Sex. Boy, but I sometimes envy people like Ron Jeremy.

With sex your talking about "Pleasure"..What turns you on? With Pleasure comes Pain, do you like pain? Without pain, there isn't much pleasure or Sex? With Sex do you mean intercourse with persons, physically or otherwise? Me I'd take pleasure in "cold cocking" some people.

Astrologically.....Astrologer Grant Lewi said that Venus Square Mars makes for an interesting sex life. My limited opinion is individuals with that placement tend to be "user's" or the opposite.... " One back scratches the other" sort of people. Sex isn't sex, it may serve some other purpose for Venus Square Mars aspects in the Natal chart. Lewi said Venus Conjunct( Together with) Mars people have "IT". There may be a large amount of Personal magnetism, charisma with that placement. On the other hand, People who have "IT" , their may cup overfloweth, and maybe they don't think of emptying their cups..because they have "IT".

People with Venus trine (Harmonious aspect) in their charts may have the best combination...The Goddess of Love (Venus) in good relationship with the God of War (Mars). But Grant Lewi said that Venus trine Mars aspects in the Natal chart makes for a placid or staid Sex life....I find this is true with me, and trinial patterns can be hard to break out of. Maybe the square is better.

Sex has a role in Procreation.. that's the question lots of us have to ask, what role does sex play on our lives, can I have more? Sex often leads to having children, but civilisation is reaching a crisis with the number of children born, and the quality of life offered. Take a Foxy woman with Venus Conjunct Mars in Scorpio. You can bet if she has she alot of sex with the opposite sex...she's going to have children ....Then what role will sex play in that women's life? Or a Guys life if he was such a placement? that is an open question..

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