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Sunday, March 15, 2009

" A Tumultuous Labor Demonstration"

"A Tumultuous labor Demonstration" is the Sabian Symbol of the week of 3/15/2009- 3/21/09. This Degree is of 21'Gemini is featured as the "empty leg' of a "T-square". A T-Square is a configuration when multiple objects are in opposition ,separated by 180 degrees,in this case Uranus (planet of Collective Conscious, invention, eccentricity) is Opposite (Opposition) Saturn= the Planet of Consensus reality, hardships ,limitations. The Transiting Moon= Public, personal needs and issues ,at 21 Sagittarius is squaring (90 degrees away, a challenging aspect) transiting Uranus and Saturn. This form the T-square, the empty leg of the t-square 21 Gemini , forms the Grand Cross. Though theres not a object at 21 Gemini, I'm guessing that this degree might be important, thus it is part of this Sabian symbol of the Week.

This Sabian Symbol of the Week," A Tumultuous Labor Demonstration" occurs on March 17,2009; 9:24 PM, Washington D.C. Its a transitory, minor transit, made important by the transiting Moon squaring Saturn/Uranus Opposition in the Sky. On the chart the Moon looks like a Crescent, the Red lines indicating squares. Saturn looks like a cross with a sickle under it. Uranus looks like a letter "H". The oppositions characterized by the broken solid lines.

In Fact ,because of the Saturn/Uranus opposition, this degree came up previously in this "Sabian Symbol of the Week", perhaps the transiting Saturn/Uranus astrological wise refers to a trade balance or deficit that the U.S is experiencing, because one pole of the axis to this opposition 21 Gemini-21 Sagittarius, One end represents Noon in the Orient, the other ,Noon in Washington D.C.

The Commentary:"A Tumultuous Labor Demonstration" is shown. It seems there are many people who are unhappy and who feel that they are not getting their fare share. "Labor Demonstrations" can cause work to come to a standstill as people make their point.There is an injustice that needs righting and a spontaneous group reaction may be what is needed to wake up those in charge. Sometimes there's a need to lift one's voice or make a huge fuss otherwise nothing will be done; things are not likely to change by themselves. Sometimes it is only by rallying many people together in a common cause that you can be heard, or taken seriously. Indeed, grinding things to a halt may be the appropriate thing to do at this time."

"The Caution: Using the group to accomplish a personal agenda. Asking for more than one's share, or not being able to ask for one's share. Protest that can lead to riots. Resisting change. Feeling that one's vote or voice doesn't count. Emotions that get completely out of hand. Refusing to cooperate or to be productive. Brutality and Violence."
"The Commentary" and "The Caution" are from Lynda Hill's book "360 Degrees Of Wisdom."

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