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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Review of the week 3-8 /3-14 2009.

I inadvertantly used the day of the madoff trail as the Sabian Symbol, transit of the week on my blog. Transit wise it was theSun Conjunct Uranus opposite Saturn. There were many other notable transits, one was transiting Mars Conjunct Neptune. But this occured earlier on that Sunday.

Looking for something more topical, I decided to go with the Sun Conjunct Uranus in Pisces which was nearly exact on March 12 ,7.00 am 2009 Washington D.C. Thursday. The Sabian Symbol for that conjunction was " A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed". Instead of using this ..I went with the transiting North Node which was almost exactly midpoint the Sun/Uranus Opposite Saturn.

The Symbol for this degree was "A Flag turning into an Eagle". Most of Madoff victims were the wealthy, so it figures he's going to go to jail , but for the reast of us who are not wealthy, what then?

The Madoff verdict was right on, this day. Its not surprising Madoff was found guilty, but I get the feeling that Madoff is more of a scapegoat, than a probelm. Supposing Madoff had the political connections, or had a bank or legitamite investment firm, maybe we'd be giving him more money to stay afloat rather than throwing him in jail. Madoff manage to swindle more than 50 billion dollars from investors, an ungodly sum.

The Real perpuatrators in my opinion, are banking institutions, government officials who continue to swindle American Taxpayers to the total tune of trillions of dollars for a modest 5.1 billion dollar investment by Wall Street.

Madoff ...does he think of himself as a modern day "Robin hood?" Did the Flag turn into an Eagle on this day?

Personally for me, though I got to see the flag turn into an Eagle metaphorically when a State department to decided it might take my complaint against a housing company.

Also the Obama adminsitration will get some help from the Swiss, who've decided to help the Ameican Goverment , by revealing bank account information on American accounts. The U.S wants to go after American citizens who are stashing money away in Swiss banks accounts to possibly to evade American taxes. The Swiss who have traditionally been neutral in regards to this ... seems to be making an exception this time.

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