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Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Pelicans Disturbed By The Garbage Of People,Move Their Young To A New Habitat"

The Sabian Symbol for this week is 19'Sagittarius,"Pelicans Disturbed By The Garbage Of People ,Move Their Young To A New Habitat". This degree is opposite the Transiting Moon (Planet of Public, Habits, Mood). While the Transiting Moon is making a challenging contact to Transiting Saturn (Planet of Obstacles, Hardships, maturity, Consensus reality), and Mars (Planet of War, assertiveness, anger). The Orb (amount the degree is not exact)for this aspect is wide so you'd expect general Public irritation peaking after this time.

This placement takes place March 31,2009. 10:22 AM on Tues.

Commentary:"Pelicans Disturbed By The Garbage Of People ,Move Their Young To A New Habitat. "Pelicans" in Christian art are a symbol of charity; they are also an emblem of Jesus Christ by "whose blood we are healed." This comes from the myth that "Pelicans" feed their young with the blood, which arose from the fact that the parent 'Pelican" transfers softened food from the large bag under its bill to its "Young".

Keywords: Concerns with survival. The endeavor to achieve mental, physical or emotional well being or peace. Noise and other irritants that make life difficult. Looking out for the safety and security of one's children, home or creative ventures. Feeding unsafe. Conditions being insecure and unpredictable. having nowhere to rest.
The Commentary and Keywords are from Lynda Hill's ,360 Degrees of Wisdom.

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