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Sunday, March 1, 2009

"A Big Trained Bear Sitting Down and Waving All Its Paws"

The Sabian Symbol of the Week is an indirect one, and there are many degrees to pick in this Transit of the Week chart.

This Degree is at 23 Aquarius (there are 360 Degrees in a Horoscope chart). I figure ultimately the real hot spot for the chart of the times, in these months is where Neptune (Collective unconscious,Planet of Illusion,spirituality) is. Neptune looks like a three pronged fork in the astro-clock ( Horoscope)

Neptune is at about 25 Aquarius, and there are minor Astrological planets transiting (Moving at current time) Neptune, only transits to Neptune might be rather subtle in effect, but important just the same. Transiting Mars (Planet of Aggression and War) and Mercury (Astrological Planet of Communication, the Five Senses) will be transiting Neptune at 25 Aquarius soon. In the Current chart Transiting Mercury (Planet of Communication, Media, The Five Senses) is conjunct (Together with) Neptune. the Time of this conjunction is March 4,Wednesday, 2009. 5:19 PM, Washington D.C time.

Normally I'd pick 25 Aquarius to be the pick of the week, however, Transiting Mars( The planet of Aggression, War and Violence) is in relationship with that Mercury /Neptune Conjunction, although a weak relationship. Mars is also in Conjunction with (Together with) Transiting "Chiron". "Chiron" looks like a "K" in this chart.

Chiron is a semi-popular planetoid used in astrology, known as "The Wounded Healer". Transiting Mars is presently conjunct Transiting "Chiron" at 23 Aquarius. So I'm picking that degree (23 Aquarius) as my Sabian Symbol of the Week. The Sabian Symbol for 23 Aquarius is known as " A Big Trained Bear Sitting Down And Waving All Its Paws."

The Commentary.....

"A Big Trained Bear Sitting Down And Waving All Its Paws" paints a picture of a performing animal, and a big one at that, going through its tricks. "Bears" are easily "Trained," taught and sometimes forced into performing many actions that are alien to their natural behaviors and habits. By having "all Its paws" off the ground, the "Bear" has symbolically given up the ability to be able to run away or fight. It may be that it is receptive to friendly or playful interaction. The "Bear" is revealing its soft underbelly which can also be a sign of feeling safe and unthreathened, at least for the moment. The "Bear" may watch for cues from its trainer or it may be able to perform the trick all by itself."
Lynda Hill...360 degrees of Wisdom.

I noticed this degree before , it came up as Transiting Venus ( Planet of Love and sensuality) was together with transiting Neptune at this degree. This was during the time of the Israeli Incursion into the Gaza Strip recently.

Another interesting contact could be 19 Pisces (A Master instructing his Disciple) or 19 Virgo ( A swimming Race. 19 Pisces is "in relationship to" the transiting Sun (Planet of Personality, Will), and Transiting Uranus (Planet of Collective thought, eccentricity, inventions). This degree is also "in relationship to" 19 Virgo and, Saturn (The planet of Obstacles, physical reality, laws) is Conjunct ( Together with) that degree, a "Swimming Race". 19 Pisces or 19 Virgo could figure in this Chart of the week.

Also I shold mention the all important Neptune and the Mercury conjunction happening at 25 Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol for that degree is "A Butterfly With The Right Wing More Perfectly Formed."

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