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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Astrological services

I accept Donations for any of the data, and readings provided here. Click on the box in the lower left corner where it says "Donate".

Would you like a nice,bound printout of your Astrological horoscope. I can provide those.

How about an Astrological Calendar? A 12-month calendar on nice glossy photo paper. I don't know how I will bind these but for only $20.00 I will find a way.

The paper is really nice (letter sized at this time) and the calendars are great.

Astrological, because the calendars show aspects and transits of Planets in your Horoscope, according to the day. I have to charge for these because for example the charts use up alot of Ink, and are first class. The Calendars use up alot of expensive paper and ink. I have to bind them and mail it to you.

If your interested in these services oer any other just leave me a comment in a current post.

Here is an example of some calendars.

Astrological signs

They come in different other colors too.

To see a sample of the Art chart wheels click here.http://www.keplersoftware.co.uk/artsamples1.html#samples

Standard Chart

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