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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SoulSurrender wants to go to Spain!

AstroLocality Report for SoulSurrender
Data based on progressed Information

1: SELECTED POINT            39N38'10" 2E56'30"   1 CP 52   24 LI 54

* Ascendant SemiSquare Neptune *      (Orb: 0 Deg 27 Min)
        You are likely to encounter artists, fervently religious or mystically oriented people. Some people are sincere, but others are lying to themselves and will consequently prove to be less sincere than you originally thought. Broken promises and deception are possible, so be cautious in following someone who can talk a good line, but may not have the character to support it.

* MC SemiSextile Moon *      (Orb: 0 Deg 40 Min)
        In this geographic region you attract a circle of friends and acquaintances that is different from what you are accustomed to. You may become involved with a different kind of ethnic community or religious group, and this will require some adjustments and flexibility on your part.

* IC SemiSextile Jupiter *      (Orb: 0 Deg 16 Min)
        You find that there are people, clubs, and activities that welcome you and make you feel at home. Sometimes the people and activities do not seem extremely important to you, but are pleasant and enjoyable.

* Ascendant Biquintile Jupiter *      (Orb: 0 Deg 42 Min)
        Opportunities for social advancement present themselves. A good place for professional contacts or involvement in cultural activities.

* MC Septile Venus *      (Orb: 0 Deg 14 Min)
        You are likely to feel committed to your family and your career and feel contented, and there is likely to be stability, but perhaps not enough excitement or enthusiasm among co-workers and colleagues.

* Descendant Biseptile Sun *      (Orb: 1 Deg 00 Min)
        Self-discipline and focus are strong here. Peace and quiet, but could be boring if this is not what you are looking for.

* MC Novile Pluto *      (Orb: 0 Deg 11 Min)
        In this geographic area you pursue your work and interests with some degree of passion and commitment, and you will find yourself getting deeply involved in local activities.

Ascendant Trine Venus       (Orb: 1 Deg 50 Min)
        You are able to make a beautiful life here; you may find that your manner of dress and home take on a more attractive quality than they have in other places. Romantic relationships and good friendships are favored.

Descendant Quintile Uranus       (Orb: 1 Deg 15 Min)
        You feel free-spirited in this geographic area. You are likely to make friends with some creative and talented people.

Descendant Quintile Pluto       (Orb: 1 Deg 14 Min)
        You encounter some interesting and unusual people. Artists, business people, and others who pursue their dream with passion can inspire you and awaken your own inner resources.

MC Quintile Mars       (Orb: 1 Deg 24 Min)
        You attract good opportunities in the professional world, and you should be able to find good employment in this geographic area.

Ascendant Binovile Mercury       (Orb: 1 Deg 12 Min)
        Communications with others are friendly, courteous, and pleasant.

Ascendant Conjunct fixed star Polis       (Orb: 0 Deg 52 Min)
        Your energy level is so high in this locality that you feel you have increased your horsepower.

Summary Scores For This Location:

Friendship and Family:           0
Detailed Friendship and Family:  8
Love and Romance:                0
Vocation and Career:             0
Optimism and Opportunity:        0
Education and Communication:     0
Culture and Creativity:          9
Responsibility and Focus:        0
Imagination and Inspiration:     22
Excitement and Instability:      0

* * * Explanatory Information About This Report * * *

Aspects and Orbs:
                                 Strong    Medium    Weak
Conjunction and Opposition       1º 00'    2º 00'    3º 00'
Trine and Sextile                0º 40'    1º 20'    2º 00'
Square                           0º 40'    1º 20'    2º 00'
SemiSquare and Sesquiquadrate    0º 10'    1º 00'    1º 30'
Semisextile and Quincunx         0º 10'    1º 00'    1º 30'
Quintiles, Septiles and Noviles  0º 10'    1º 00'    1º 30'
Conjunct and Opp to Midpoints    0º 10'    1º 00'    1º 30'
16th Harmonic                    0º 05'    0º 30'    0º 45'

        The astrological analysis given above describes what you are likely to experience in the cities and towns that you selected. The astrological influences that are strongest begin with three asterisks (***) and appear at the beginning of the report. Next are the influences with one asterisk (*), which are strong but not as important as the astrological influences that have three asterisks. The astrological influences with no asterisks are at the end of report and are weakest, but they are also significant in your life.

        The AstroLocality Report uses astrological methods developed through the latter half of the 20th century, and refined through extensive research, some of which is described in the book "AstroLocality Magic".

Information about Category Scores:

After the individual interpretations of astrological influences for each town that you selected are scores for 10 categories. Typically, several categories, and very often most categories, have a score of zero and this is normal. Do not be alarmed that many categories have a score of zero! This simply means that this category is not especially highlighted in this geographic area. A category with a score of about 25 has a good strength in that category. A score of over 100 is extremely strong in that category. In very unusual cases a score can reach up to several hundred or more.

THE FRIENDSHIP AND FAMILY SCORE is especially important if you reside in this location, but it is not as critically important if you are only visiting this place or conducting business here. The Friendship and Family score does not need to be high for you to love the place where you live, and a score of just 10 or 15 points is sufficient for you to feel comfortable and at home. If the score is zero, then there is a possibility that you may never feel that you are at home in this location.

For places where the score is zero in the Friendship and Family cateogry, the DETAILED FRIENDSHIP AND FAMILY SCORE is especially important. The Detailed Friendship and Family score is rarely zero and a high score here shows that you may participate in social activities, clubs, religious or educational organizations, and other pursuits that help you feel comfortable in this place and that close friendships can eventually develop here. If the Detailed Friendship and Family score is also zero, then this simply is not likely to be a good place for you reside.

If you are looking to meet that special person for a romantic relationship, you are likely to find that you have good luck in places where the LOVE AND ROMANCE SCORE is high. These are places where you are inclined to feel that the place is romantic and beautiful and you attract romance into your life.

A score of zero in the VOCATION AND CAREER area indicates that your career does not get an extra boost in this location; your employment situation may be adequate and satisfactory, but it is unlikely that circumstances in this location will push you to focus most of your energies on vocation and career. A high score in Vocation and Career indicates that in this place you are likely to devote more attention to your work, to achieve and accomplish more, and consequently to reach a relatively high level of success.

A high score in the OPTIMISM AND OPPORTUNITY category indicates that you are likely to have many enjoyable experiences in this area, to have an active social life, and explore different things. You are likely to mix with different kinds of people and this larger social network and range of activities does bring some welcome opportunities. A score of zero in this category indicates that you are likely to be highly focused on the things that you are commited to and relatively undistracted; unexpected good luck is not likely to come to you here.

A high score in EDUCATION AND COMMUNCIATION indicates that this is a place where you are likely to take classes and learn new things. You will find yourself in situations where you are speaking or writing, and sharing ideas with others.

The CULTURE AND CREATIVITY category is especially important for artists and lovers of the arts. A high score in this category indicates that you become involved in creative and interesting ways of doing things and you pay more attention to the creative, playful, and entertaining sides of life than you do in most other places.

A high score in the RESPONSIBILITY AND FOCUS category indicates that you are likely to be given important respnsibilities in this area and you take life seriously here. You are likely to feel inspired to get involved in an exercise program, improve your skills, get your financial situation in order, be especially responsible at work. A score of zero in this category indicates that you are not likely to feel burdened down by responsibilities and even your own conscience while here. A score of zero here is good if this is a place that you are planning to visit for a vacation or relaxation.

A high score in the IMAGINATION AND INSPIRATION category indicates that your ideals, dreams, and visions are very strong in this area. Life becomes more meaningful to you because you feel more inspired, and you feel motivated by your dreams and aspirations. However, your strong imagination may also cloud your vision, and you may be more gullible than usual here. A score of zero in this category does not mean that you lack imagination here, and it does have the advantage that you may be more practical and effective here than you are in places where the score for Imagination and Inpsiration is high. A high score in the Imagination and Inspiration category is very good for places where you wish to vacation and relax! This place is, in fact, ideal because your imagination soars here and you are able to step outside your usual frame of reference and to feel a greater sense of magic and awe while you are in this location.

A high score in the EXCITEMENT AND INSTABILITY category indicates that events are likely to occur that you did not anticipate and situations unfold differently from what could have been predicted beforehand. Do not take extreme risks or be foolhardy in this area because doing so is likely to bring about accidents and mishaps while here. A score of zero does not mean that life is dull and uneventful, and most people prefer places where the score in this category is zero ot at least very low.

Final Note:

You may find that the interpretations and the category scores are amazingly accurate. However, keep in mind that astrological theories have not been validated scientifically, and you should always use your own judgment and discrimination in making decisions. There are many non-astrological factors as well as undiscovered astrological factors which may also affect your life, so do not let the overall impressive accuracy of these interpretations cause you to place complete faith in the analysis given.


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