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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sabian Symbol of the Week 1/25-2/1/2009

Sabian Degree for the week of 1-25-2009. Is a Conjunction ( Planet in horoscope near the same degree) at 24 Capricorn. It occurs on 1-26-2009, in the Noon position at a location for Washington D.C. The two planets are Mercury and Mars which can signify arguments, satire a war of words in good aspect with Saturn ( Limitations, obsticles,reality). This time could signify a constructive breakthrough. The Sabian Symbol is "A woman entering a Convent" In U.S politics it could signify Hillary Clintons entrance into the Obama administration. Sabian "24 Capricorn" reads...

"A Woman Entering A Convent" Commentary: A Woman" is seen "Entering a Convent." She needs to spend time complating her inner thoughts and values away from the pressures of society. This may be a lonely passage and she may be disenchanted with the hassles, pressures and complications of society. There needs to be times of inner work, just as for outer work. Sacrificing one's own needs for a time in order to dedicate one's life to the "big picture" can lead to an understanding of how one fits into the scheme of things."
360 Degrees Of Wisdom - Lynda Hill

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