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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sabian Symbol of the Week....

Here's a new idea. The Sabian Symbols are a sort of Psychic analysis of each degree in the Zodiac. The Zodiac is a circle of 360 degrees so there are 360 Sabian symbols, developed by late astrologer ,Marc Edmund Jones, and "Psychic" Elsie Wheeler. Sabian symbols aren't often used by astrologer, but can enhance a reading if an important degree sticks out in a chart.

For Example: In just looking at the "Transits of the Day", Transit meaning ..where are the Astrological planets,Sun and points at a given time ....not specific to any person place or thing.

Take a look at the transits of the day originating at the Gaza Strip, in Israel for Dec 30, 2008.

At a powerful position. Mars Conjuncts Pluto in this "Chart of the Day" . the Conjunction occurs at the 2 degree of Capricorn (Sabian). The Sabian Symbol for 2 Capricorn is...Three Stained-Glass windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by War. 2 Capricorn being the degree where transiting / are conjunct at the start of Israel incursion into the Gaza Strip.

Commentary: " ......One damaged by war" pictures the need to stay strong on every level under the barrage of some type of bombardment. A "Church" is normally a place of safety and refuge, but " War" has broken through its divine barriers and caused "Damage", or some injury, that is much bigger than just a broken "Window." One of the three corners of unity, in this case the one of love, is "Damaged" and compromised by the aggressive warring nature of mankind. - Lynda Hill, 360 degrees of Wisdom.

How about a Sabian Symbol of the Week? Looking at the transits of the day, perhaps one can pick a area in the "chart of the day" where a particular zodiac degree is going to have significance. It might not be at the Noon position where your at , or in your area or personal chart , but somewhere it will be Noon..where the degree of the day is. Hopefully I can use Lynda Hills book (360 degrees of Wisdom.)Its commentary on the Sabian Symbols its very good.

The Symbol I'm picking for today Sunday,Jan 11, 2009.
Mars at 12 Capricorn. Its In between the transiting Sun and Pluto.

Here's the Commentary.

Capricorn 12 "A Student of nature lecturing, revealing little-Known Aspects of Life."

".....Aspects of Life" is an image of someone who's studied the lessons that life teaches and is now giving that knowledge out to others so they can learn and benefit. This symbol reflects the disconnection of modern thinking from "Nature" along with the disappearance and loss of the more holistic structure of life. The people who are listening to the "student" may be in awe of how much he or she knows about the subject, especially as they are hearing about the "little-known Aspects of Life." the "Students" who's "Lecturing" may know a lot or perhaps they're sharing the rudimentary insights they have gleaned." Lynda Hill

The Notable thing about this degree, skipping a obvious association, is all the talk I'm listening to about the role of the media in Israel and in the Gaza strip. Israel is Block the media out of Gaza. The Symbol could be representing the role of the media today.. That its important.

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