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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sabian Symbol for the Week of 1-18-2009. Healing Words

The Sabian Symbol for the week of 1-18-2009 is where Transiting Mercury(Communication, how we perceive the world) Rx (Retrograde--appears to be moving backward) contacts Transiting Jupiter ( Expansion,benevolence). The Degree is Aquarius 4'..." A Hindu Healer Glows With A Mystic Healing Power";

Commentary: "A Hindu Healer" is someone capable of natural alternative and sometimes miraculous "Healing." He "glows" with a "Mystic Healing Power" and inspires others to greater heights of "Healing," understanding and "Power" within themselves. A "Hindu Healer" channels the energy of God to manifest the "Healing" process. There may be a need to heal wounds,illness,trauma or some other affected part of the body or mind. There is often the sense of having a sacrifice for another. It can feel as though the " Healer" has a cleansed and enlightened soul together with a sense of purity. Lynda Hill "360 Degrees of Wisdom" the Sabian Symbols

This transit chart is set for Washington D.C. Barack Obama will be inaugurated as the New U.S President, Jan 20,2009.

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