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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What is the location of your birth place?

What I mean is the longitude and latitude of your birth location correct? Maybe off alittle(My Theory) because the Longitude and latitude for cities ...in the U.S maybe far away from the actual location of your birth. Locations for Cities , town and spots around the world can be measured by Longitude and latitude. Longitude and latitude is used frequently in astrology.

In my case I was Born in San Francisco, California, I think the popular Long/Lat of San Francisco is 37'47 ( Lat) , Long, 122w 25'. I think the actual physical location that they use for the latitude and Longitude of San Francisco is in Civic Center, Downtown San Francisco. At the Plaza there are these huge lines drawn in the ground indicating where the lat.Long lines intersect....so you can actually see these lines at Civic Center. But I was born at Kaiser/Permanente Hospital , 2200 O'Farrell. San Francisco, that's way across town.

I was curious to find out if the Lat/Long of my Birth location would change much if it was calculated at the actual birth location instead of the popular map Lat/Long, but I had no way to do this...until now. I looked on the Internet for the coordinates of Kaiser Hospital S.F, but couldn't find it. I don't have a GPS.

Now I found this website that will calculate your Long/Lat based on an address..in the U.S. It recorded my Lat/Long as 37.46' 56" and Long as 122w26'26". My Sabian Asc is still 25' Gemini though, other House positions changed though.

You might try this website...could be helpful. Wow this will work ..as far as I know in the USA and in Canada.


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