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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

R.I.P Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton, the Medical student/Science Fiction writer died today from Cancer: He was 56. One of my Favorite and good modern writers, introduced me into the idea of Sci-Fiction with his Sci fi story.. "Andromeda Strain".

Actually I probably saw the movie "Andromeda Strain " by Robert Wise, (I never get tired of watching that). Then I read the Book. There there was Terminal man, The "Westworld" (Yul Brenner)/futureworld series. Crichton wrote and produced the "Jurassic Park" Series. one of my Favorite Sci-fi movies " Looker" was another one by Crichton. "Sphere" a decent movie and good story. What a bummer that he's gone,serious.

Some factoids about Crichton; He was a budding medical student when he wrote "Andromeda Strain", because of the success of the book, he decided to drop Med School and become a writer. He was a big guy, 6'7", I believe. Crichton appears in the Robert Wise movie version of "Andromeda Strain". A very short cameo, at the beginnging of the movie when "Dr. Hall" is called out of surgery to join the "Wildfire team" Crichton is the bearded techician in the scrub room, just has "Dr. Hall " leaves.

A Crichton fans dream, they actually did a remake of Crichton's "Andromeda Strain" , but in my opinion it sucked. Bad casting, bad writing, the sci-fi effects in the remake hardly, help the movie. There are very few good moments in that movie, but one was the scene of the "712" jet crash. In the remake, in the original book and movie by Wise. After the town of Piedmont was destroyed by "Andromeda", the wildfire team authorizes the military to sterilize the area by dropping a Nuclear weapon on it. The Robert Wise movie version hardly does this scene justice, the Remake does... Showing the jet pilot being attacked by "Andromeda", the pilot loses control of the jet, a nuclear missile accidentally disengages and both Jet and bomb crashes, the bomb denotes but not near Piedmont.

Another factoid , In the Book "Andromeda Strain" , Crichton added a large bibliography/appendices of science articles, inventions related to the story ..but they are all fictional, I ignored that when I read it, cause they seemed real. Crichton must have been bit of a genius.

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