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Monday, November 17, 2008

Closing down this site???...

I've been comtemplating closing down this site. I feel like I know alittle bit about astrology, so thats why I'm doing this, plus I've spent a bit of money on a nice astrology program.

But I feel I really need answers to daily lifes questions, and often times I find astrology doesn't take me there. I and alot of people need to base answers on facts, and how we feel about them, rather than superstitious musing arising from out of our own belief systems. To this end I feel I might have done some of the causes I've been ranting about ...a dis-service

Still though I can print, nice astrology charts, calendars, maybe even tell you where the best places to travel to might be,or whats doing on in your relationships right now, but what I really lack right now are answers to my own questions.

Also I am having some probelms with my living situation,I may have to move.

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