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Thursday, October 30, 2008

McCain's Corrected Chart

Seems that someone got a peek at John McCains birth certificate. The New time for his birth is 6:25 PM quite a difference than the AM birth everyone was using.
Using the old birth place and time, McCain was born in Panama, but we have a place called "Conosolo"?. The New time, doesn't specify a place but it says the name of a hospital called "Colon". There is a Town/City in Panama called "Colon" so I used that location.

The New Time changes the emphasis of the chart alot. With the 7th House focus partnerships are an issue in this persons life, and a natal source of pathology. Incidentally, McCains Vice Presidential running mate ,"Sarah Palin" has a Sun/Saturn/Mars focus in a challenging aspect to Neptune.

McCain Has a Sun/Neptune 7th house focus in challenging aspect to Saturn. This couple is kinda made for each other provided that he's got a good partner who is "qualified", but throughout this election his partner is in question. So that maybe even if it an auspicious combination,in an auspicious year he still might not win it if his partner is questionable. Then maybe McCain is a sort of questionable type himself.

With the new composite of McCains corrected progressed chart with the U.S.A's progressed Declaration of Independence chart ( Progressed to Washington D.C 12:00 PM, January 20, 2009, Inauguration day) In-combination with Transits at the time. I don't see anything striking about McCain winning this election..this chart looks LESS promising than the original I had here.

Sarah Palins Chart.

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