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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who will win the election?

Gee, I hope I'm wrong about what I said in an earlier post. I tried to construct a chart for Nov 4 ,8:01 pm in Washington D.C, for both U.S Presidential candidates. In those charts I thought things looked interesting for McCain as the composite M.C for McCain and the U.S Chart ( July 4) is conjunct the transiting ASC of the time. What does that mean, I don't know. It might be alittle significant. I constructed another chart at a much later time, because although the 8:00pm chart might be significant, the polls aren't YET closed back in western in states like California. A chart for Washington D.C at 8:00 pm might not be that telling. A chart for Inauguration Day, Jan 20 , 2009, 12:00 Pm at Washington D.C , that time and location might be more telling for who gets in the White House.

In that earlier post, I said that I thought McCain could win the election , assuming the "Fix" is in and voting is done electronically nation-wide. I said " the candidate who best reflects Banking and market forces will win the election", That would be McCain , Unfortunately. A couple of other developments seem to point in McCains favor. This move toward a 700 Billion dollar trust fund for debt bailouts, sponsored by the U.S government . Its puts the secretary of Treasury in a very powerful position. He would be the one deciding who get bailed out , and how much money and he would have 700 Billion dollars at his disposal.The guy running this bailout would have power like a "King". To this end McCain was quoted saying " We'll have to pay him,like the President". Words , I'm sure people like Paulsen ( The Treasury secretary) might want to hear.

The Inauguration chart looks interesting for McCain, it looks like a heart breaking defeat for McCain, but it could also be a picture of a very sobering victory, with the challenging red aspects from the 1st house to the 4th, in the composite chart of McCain and the U.S. The Planets involved are pretty dynamic and might not necessarily mean a defeat. Also I predicted in the chart of the U.S, Progressed Pluto , although sitting at 29 Capricorn , doesn't make the big change, doesn't get into Aquarius until 2050!. Just 1-2 degree of travel...in more than 40 years! Pessimistically, that suggests to me that , real reform doesn't come to this country for quite a long time. possibly something that favors a McCain victory, not that McCain isn't interested in reform!

Finally, I predicted Obama will win. And I'm just assuming that the "Fix " is not in , and the election will be done fairly. Although McCain might have some know how, in how to address the financial situation in the U.S, I think when voters understand that it was his policies in the past that helped bring on this funky banking situation in the U.S in the first place, they'll simply vote for Barak Obama.

Then, theres the magic degree in the U.S.A ( progressed chart, I say) 00'.. Aquarius. Its sort of the place everyone in the U.S wants to be in , and could symbolize, "reform" and, a more socialized way of running things, with the benefit of everyone in mind. Pluto doesn't reach that degree until 2050, in a progressed chart, and in alot of charts ( at least two, "transits of the day" on inauguration day,The Sun, And Astrological Mercury,and Nov 4, Washington D.C ,8:00 pm The Astrological Moon ) Sabian degree 1' Aquarius is emphasized.

Sabian 1' Aquarius; "An old Adobe Mission" seemingly has to do with the indoctrination of other cultures, Missionary work. I think is a major degree in Adolf Hitlers chart, a symbol of the U.S incursion into Iraq, a degree in Condoleeza Rice's chart. That Sabian degree could symbolize "Foreclosures, Banks ,or maybe Voting booths? All these and has another astrologer suggested to me ..., something that has outlived its usefulness.
Consider though that both candidates have people on there staff who promoted Banking deregulation.

In Obama's chart there is one interesting aspect that persist in the Composite chart of him ,the USA..and transits of the day...it is a Conjunction of the North and South Nodes of the Moon. That is,a transiting South Node conjunct Composite Obama/USA's North Node, and transiting North Node conjuncts Obama's/USA south node. Seems rather complimentary aspect , but somehow perverted. perhaps something in Obama's favor.

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