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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama/Biden..The Road to Perdition

Some astrologers' favor Barack Obama to win the Presidency of the United States. They say that though the next 4-8 years are going to be turbulent times for the U.S. And that if Obama get elected ,there might be attempts on his life.

Sometimes peoples thoughts and ideas make up reality in this way, I hope and I'm sure others hope this is not the case, but while digging around doing some astrology I came up on some disturbing news.

Obama's choice for his Vice President candidate, John Biden, although Bidens current Progressed chart looks stellar, and executive,and unexamined by me. His Birth chart is kind of eerie. Not to say that Biden is a bad guy,.. no. I can't even be sure if the birth time is correct. But with the information provided to me , I have the current birth chart.

John Biden has all those Planets in Scorpio , the Sign of death and regeneration, in the 12th House. A serious ,intense, devout if not spiritual child and adolescent growing up. He would be an powerful equivalent to teachers and holy men in Islam.
I won't speculate on the oppositions of Saturn (Planet of hindrances and limitation) and Uranus (Planet of Innovation, revolution) to those planets in Scorpio, but lets say he didn't have an easy time of it growing up.

Then there's Pluto (the Planet of Death and Regeneration) in its own house (the 8th house ruled by Scorpio , death and regeneration) Pluto makes a challenging aspect to his Natal Mars (drive ,self-assertion) in Scorpio in the 12th house and , say his Natal Moon ( Habits ,Feelings the past) in Taurus ( Generation,growth) in the 6th ( Work).

Biden grew up with all this. I called him a bad MOFO, another astrologer said, "Look maybe Biden has seen his fair share of death and destruction." With Pluto in the 8th making a challenging aspect to a stellium of planets in Scorpio and planets in Taurus in this natal chart , I might agree.
As I was thinking about this ,this morning. I heard some broadcasters talking on the radio about Obama's choice for Vice president, John Biden. They were talking about his background .....

Is it true, they say that as Biden was getting started in his career in the Senate, Biden's wife and daughter died mysteriously in a car crash. Certainly his share of death and destruction. Yet this is the man Barack Obama want to embrace as his running mate!

Lets hope that Obama has a good life insurance policy, for himself and his family, and good people he can trust around him, because Biden is going to be next in line for the Presidency of the United States if something happens to Barack Obama.

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