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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New astrology program!

Well "Sirius 1.0" is out . I got a copy of it, I'm not that happy with it.

I got it has an upgrade from Kepler 7.0. but Kepler 7.0 is still un-usable on my computer along with Sirius?

One thing I liked about Kepler 7.0 is the "astro-research " feature, specifically where I was able to run an "matchmaking" feature for a chart, against the database of Kepler 7. Supposedly using the astro-signatures you could get an idea of what famous person you might be romantically or sexually linked with, or someone you may have similar tendencies with.... I had alot of fun using that feature on Astrodienst.

On " Sirius 1.0" its difficult to run this function. that database is larger, A good thing :-/ maybe not because it seems the additions to the database are mostly Gauqelin charts, nameless, faceless people ,with no descriptions and I can't edit them out of the field! With the larger data base, and more functions the "Matchmaker" takes up to 45 min or more just to compare it's database against one chart . At the end of the analysis though,a number of Windows open up giving several types of information about the search. In Kepler 7. this would only take no more than 10 minutes for one chart in a field like "Famous people"! But I think "Sirius " is processing more data. Cosmic patterns did add some extra charts. Featured 1# of my list of Romantic and sexual interest ( based on natal chart), was Jon Benet Ramsey. I did think she was cute , and it is really ashamed that someone killed her. No wonder I have problems with the opposite sex.

One of the improvements with "Sirius' over Kepler 7.0,is that Sirius uses "pop-up" charts. Like in the Astro- search function, in some places you can get it to display a chart. I know it can do this in the 'Astro-map" feature. Cosmic patterns goes on with its "Astro-cartography features, with its treasure maps. It can display the relocation chart in the area your interested in as a pop up chart. Also you can get a decent interpretative report or the 'Astro-locality report" :D a great feature if your interested in moving :-/ or if your clients are!

One of the big features of "Sirius' is it will create a calendar. I saw one of those before, an astrological "cartouche" another astrologer was selling way back in the day.

It features different versions of when Planets move about in an out of your chart, in a calendar format. I haven't tried printing this out yet but I suppose It could be saleable to print out a yearly calendar featuring astrological planetary movement in a natal chart. Sirius also has that business Manager,where you can keep track of your clients and alot of other features which I don't have alot of expertise in , like a major 'Vedic" astrology section. Sirius gives you data about Hellenistic astrology and old style astrology , "Western or medieval astrology" it s just a data sheet ,no interpretative reports. The data looks interesting though.

There some Midpoint dials , and alot of the multi-wheels in 'Sirius" are animated. In Kepler 7.0 only one tri wheel is animated.
There are some small interpretative reports you can get on Sirius, as well as Kepler 7.0 based on harmonics and midpoints. There are probably alot other stuff on Sirius , I haven't comprehended or seen yet.

One little perk, "Cosmic patterns" included a little Fixed star interpretative report, based on 40 Fixed stars along with the other data it provided. It looks even accurate too.

I read another Software critic on this subject,who ( now in retrospect) doesn't seem that enthusiastic about "Sirius". In my opinion "Sirius' is the program that Kepler 7.0 should have been. Sirius is better done, but the price is exorbitant. If you wait after Aug to get Sirius" it will cost $650.00, if you get it before July 31, its only 450.00. The upgrade from Kepler 7.0 to Sirius now is only 250.00. ( You say only :-? I could have brought a nice watch for that kind of money), after July 31, the upgrade will cost only 450.00 :-/.

Maybe this is why the software reviewer wasn't so enthused. Maybe I was a bit foolish getting involved in this, spending hundreds of dollars a so I can get a calendar of astrological transits . never fear though if you wait till after Aug to get "Sirius" , I might sell my version.

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