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Thursday, April 3, 2008

progressed Astro-Cartography maps

Astrodiesnt user, Liz Story wants to go runaway to New York. At present she is only 15 years old. What is the best place for her to go? Is New york a possibility? Heres part of the discussion.

Helen B might be right! Maybe she saw that /IC creeping into the eastern U.S on that previous travel map I put on here. A Jupiter/IC on a travel map is considered one of the best places to live, though I wonder if this should be considered in light of the whole chart? Nevertheless it might be a decent gamble, but that Jupiter/IC line doesn't get to New York City until June 20 in your map. Thats 29 years from now. You'll be about 44 years old....sounds about right doesn't it?

But who knows how New york will look like then, or if there even be a United States then. Alot of work to do till then! And thats the stuff dreams are made of.

Here's the map...

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