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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Leaving my Place?

After repeated complaints to the manager of the Madrone hotel, she hasn't really done anything!? Perhaps they want me to move from my room. My guts tell me leave, my head doesn't know, my heart wants me to say a bit. In the meantime I have to deal with abuse like this. I tried trying to file a complaint to the the State , suggesting that the hotel mangement is allowing a kind of harrassment. If I fight..I might really get bloody this time. plus my mother lives in the area , they could relatiate against her.

If I have to leave now, I'll be out on my ass, minus my Job most likely..with a little money..

Is this what Transiting Saturn conjuncting my uranus and I.C would entail? If I were my own Astrologer , it might be suggest that the probelm is going to get alittle worse...has when transiting Saturn Conjunct my natal Pluto.

The view from my room. The manager says this is a cultural thing (Asian), this has been hanging up there for weeks now, couldn't that be seen as alittle lewd?

Its true..as a kid I had Pluto in the 4th house probelms, fond of fingerpainting with feces.

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