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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jupiter/Uranus aspects...Born in 1983

Alot of people born in 1983 have this Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction aspect. A great aspect, an indication of "Luck" in the astrological house concerned. Negatively it could be labeled as "Excess".

One Astrologer calls Jupiter/Uranus aspects, particularly the Conjunction I think, as a "Thank The Lord" aspect. Its as if when such a contact is made the Native says, "Thank the lord". Jupiter/Uranus aspects symbolize a "Fortunate release of tension", to some this equals "luck".

Sometimes its better to be smart than lucky, and having such a fabulous indication of luck in life such as a Jupiter /Uranus conjunction maybe isn't always lucky, luck may have its price. For example in people born in 1983, I am finding alot of these people have a Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction..ah really lucky, but either directly or indirectly by progression you find a Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

Saturn/Pluto conjunction is just as notable as a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction but its an opposite type of feeling. Saturn/Pluto is of coldness,rigidity,constriction. It would tend to negate the expansiveness of a Jupiter/Uranus contact in a natal chart.

People Born in 1983 may have both of these types of aspects.

Notable is of British R&B singer, Amy Winehouse. Winehouses top hit "Rehab"..."They want a take back to Rehab, I say , Nooooo..No..No.." Winehouse has all that Jupiterean/Uranian luck that going for her, and probably had helped in her success. But Winehouse allegedly has an addiction problem. Saturn/Pluto might be the "Rehab" situation in her life.

I characterized Jupiter/Uranus contacts in another way.

Well , you'll probably get some emotional relief soon , as your progressed Moon passes a conjunction of your natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction. presently you may be emerging from a sort of depression. Then your Progressed Moon meets up with that Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.

This is kinda of cyclic when your Progressed moon hits that Jupiter/Uranus as in your natal chart You'll experience emotional relief,and optimism. When Your progressed Moon hits that Saturn/Pluto like it just passed through, maybe you'll experience Depression, Constriction,emotional turmoil. Its Cyclical because the Progressed Moon moves fast around the chart, and the cycles are close together. This might make you seem Manic/Depressive, but not really. Progressed Jupiter/Uranus and Saturn/Pluto move much slower.

Do you want to say what as the past 6 months been like for you? Like A modern day Persephone.

You know the Greek myth where the Pluto, the God of the Underworld had the hots for this Earthly maiden named Persephone, so he kidnapped her into Hades. You'll have to read the rest of the story, But maybe the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades is a metaphor for Addiction probelms..!!!!

With Jupiter/Uranus in Natal charts , I think Saturn becomes important in the persons life because Saturn is sort of contradictory to the things Jupiter/Uranus might represent. Otherwise sounds like your re-playing some of the relationship issues you had with your father with other men. A common trait in women raised by single mothers. How do you heal those problems , Hmmm. Your dad.

I characterized these people like to the Greek myth of Persephone.....maybe Males with born in this year might be liken unto the myth of Prometheus, the guy who tried to steal fire from the Greek gods, and later paid for it by being horribly punished.

In the progressed chart of people born in 1983, the Progressed Moon might be a factor in describing a persons feelings how are they feeling at the moment. If the P/ Moon is tied up with Natal or Progressed Saturn/Pluto they aren't too likely to be feeling good about there life at that time (Rehab), but if Progressed Moon is tied up with Jupiter/Uranus ( The Sound of Music), there likely to be feeling great..

It's a fluctuating thing with these people, it doesn't have to be a 'Bi-Polar " thing because its sort of natural for them. Like Winehouse says..."No..No..No." But until they learn moderation it may be "Rehab".

Amy Winehouse's Progressed Chart note the position of the Moon. Its moving out of conjunction with Saturn/Pluto (Rehab), into the super expansiveness of that Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. Exact time of birth is uncertain.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...im so glad I found this article and finally a "logical" explanation to the way I feel, the whole pseudo-bipolar stuff..let me clarify, I was born on sept 7th 1983, which was close to amy winehouse's birthday, and I have saturn-pluto conjunct my 1st house and ascendant in Libra, plus my Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius is in my 2nd house, Ive never had to work too much to get what I need, so financially it has helped! however with the saturn -pluto I feel like Im being constantly watched and whenever I do something I shouldnt be doing I get my retribution..and fast! also the cycles as as progressed moons couldnt be any truer for me...when the progressed moon contacts my jupiter-uranus I feel fantastic! but not when it hits my saturn-pluto one...I thought I was bipolar and Ive had some psychological help for the past one and half year or so, but by no means Im a depressive person, it just changes fast..too fast.

David said...

Well Yeah with aspects like that guess you learn moderation.

Anonymous said...

In all rush and surprise from my part I forgot to thank you for the article..looking forward to reading more the coming ones! Thanks again!