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Monday, March 31, 2008


I've been needing to leave here for sometime, and I'm tempted to send my resignation in for my job, this I would need to do to free up some needed money. This would take time and I've been putting this off for months and months. Quitting my job and trying to survive in this job market for me is like suicide, but I'm not really into that, staying here might be bad also..

I want to give my employers thirty day notice, and maybe the sooner I send that letter the better. My housing situation seems untolarable and I don't know if theres any help availible staying here is just making me gray, cold and homocidal. After three physical alterations here maybe it just time to go. I would think my propects wouldbe pretty grim, but it might be better for everybody else concerned if I go.

I'll this ponder this for a day to see how I feel about this tommorrow. Here is my chart if anyone wants to comment on it. I'll be lucky if they don't evict me first.

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